About the Content of this Book

We are making a book, live, on the web.

Before we give you a little bit of input on how to collaborate, let us define the purpose of this book. The Webmakers Book aim to collect, gather, archive all open content out there that talks about the following themes:

Why Webmakers?

  • Why are they doing it?
  • Making = understanding = ↑self-efficacy = ↑engagement in the civic sphere
  • Why this is the future!
  • Part of the new literacies: as important as reading and writing for the future (get a job, find info, control info)

What is a Webmaker?

  • What is a webmaker? “Mozillians are people who make things. Moving people from consumption to creation is Mozilla’s goal.” — Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Chair / Chief Lizard Wrangler
  • More than just coders


What do Webmakers make? (what do they do…)

  • In the world of bits
  • Building the web, and creating with the web
  • content (blog articles, ebooks, videos, etc.)
  • tools (pressbooks, etherpad, jaguar-ps, etc.)
  • In the world of atoms (innovation/maker spaces)


Webmaking extending into the physical

  • All the stuff booming now around digital production — see Chris Anderson’s new book. Digital making now quickly translates into phyiscal making.
  • Connections with maker movement
  • This book! Created digitally but with click of a button you can make physical version. The printed book will be a snapshot in time.


Where do Webmakers live?

  • Streets
  • Schools
  • Agencies
  • Government
  • Organizations
  • Cities
  • Towns


Creating Webmakers

  • Hacktivating learning
  • Engagement
  • Learning paths
  • Code cards (physical)
  • Scratch (graphical), Thimble, X-Ray Goggles
  • Web coding (in the code)
  • Meetups (see Tara’s talk)
  • Ongoing mentoring


Badges: Acknowledging and connecting Webmakers

  • Attribution

Ethics and responsibility

  • There’s a dark side…

How Webmakers change the world

  • Insert


These themes or Chapters were collaboratively written during our session at the Mozfest 2012 : Building Books for the Open Web [link] and are open to change.


Webmakers Copyright © 2012 by Mozilla Festival 2012 Participants and Friends. All Rights Reserved.


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