10 LibreBus: A mobile Webmaker Workshop

Renata Avila

Editor’s Note: This article has been automatically translated from Spanish to English. See the original here: http://librebus.org/proyecto

The LibreBus is a project that will integrate a tour of several countries in Central America and complemented by opportunities for participation in Internet … A passing score of people (probably will be more!) Of different nationalities and different skills will unite for a common theme: promoting free culture and knowledge for everyone. The LibreBus is an invitation to dialogue and encounter, the creation of regional networks to strengthen a shared American culture.

Although it has been long time waiting and plotting, planning, changing and adopting new ideas, the dream of a tour bus through Central America into a reality will be. Persons enthusiasts Creative Commons, free software activists, promoting an open web, digital citizen journalists and the like, we will go for two weeks cities in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala giving workshops, organizing shows and festivals, sharing conferences, meeting with other activists and other … doing all that is necessary to connect the free culture scene in Central, combining digital media and real human contact.

Our goals are:

  • Identify significant experiences of good practice in the use of ICT and media, including Internet, mobile phones and related technologies.
  • Arouse interest and initiate dialogue on the important economic and social impact of free access to knowledge, free technologies, science and free culture.
  • Promoting digital meeting native people of Central America, and some of these actors being digital migrants develop themes or significant work for the digital natives and through dynamic classroom activities, strengthening personal and organizational ties as a way to raise regional profile networks free culture.
  • Create opportunities for reflection and joint strategies that expand synergies between those working on biodiversity thinking, knowledge, technology and culture in general and common goods are protected, enhanced and strengthened if the share

We propose a dialogue and a meeting around:

  • Free Knowledge and Biodiversity: The knowledge and culture have historically built on participatory forms. The traditional knowledge, those associated with biodiversity and food, popular culture, artistic expression, scientific and academic knowledge and enrich transmitted through the exchange of many perspectives and experiences. We believe in keeping the knowledge as a common good that needs to be diverse and shared to stay alive and in constant transformation.
  • Free Software: Speaking of free software, we are referring to computer programs that give us the freedom to choose, share, enhance, explore and use for any purpose. The World of Free Software movement develops and promotes software freedom, a freedom that protects many others, because in a world increasingly dependent on technology, the ability to express, organize and build knowledge is to take control of programs we use.
  • Freedom of Expression: New technologies allow anyone to exercise the power of the press and publishing in real time. We exercise our freedom of expression using blogs, social networking services, making face activism, organizing into groups that go beyond geographical boundaries, to reflect the reality and meaning from our own voices and visions. But this freedom and neutrality of the Internet is not insured, so it is urgent to define strategies and propose alternatives to ensure the democratization of the news programs in general.
  • Freedom to Share: We believe that sharing is good: creativity strengthens the social fabric, research, education and cultural heritage of humanity. Who creates art and knowledge are entitled to have their work recognized and rewarded fairly, and also to share their creations. Therefore it is necessary to reduce technical barriers, legal and social issues that limit this right. The free culture movement spread freedom to share, remix and transform.


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