About The Book

Together we are writing a book about Webmakers.

Webmakers the book.

The web is becoming the world’s second language, and a vital 21st century skill. Digital literacy today is as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. How will we help each other acquire the skills needed to understand, shape, and actively participate in that world—instead of just passively consuming it? We need to create more webmakers— people who create the open building blocks of the web.

This book gathers ideas and resources for Webmakers. Launched at the 2012 Mozilla Festival, we’re now collecting and curating the best content about Webmakers.

This book is being built on PressBooks — an open source book-making tool that embraces the Webmaker spirit.

Create this book with us!

Send us an email with content ideas, questions, or to become a contributor.

You can also sign up on our mailing list to get early access to new chapters usually on Mondays, and comments to help authors tweak their content. Each final chapter will be published to the public on every Thursdays. By signing up to our mailing list to get a free ebook version when the book is done.

The print version will be out in 2013. Pre Order the print version 35$/book. 50% of revenue (after printing and shipping costs) will go to the Mozilla Foundation, 50% will support the cost of putting this project together.

Editor-in-Chief: Celine Semaan Vernon (Celinecelines)
First Assistant Editor: Christine Prefontaine
Book Making/PressBooks Guy: Hugh McGuire

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Here is what we are looking for:

Our goal is to collect 12 (or more) additional chapters before March 2013.

Each chapter will be released for comments each Monday to those who have signed up for early access on our mailing list. Authors will benefit from our community of reader-makers and collaborators who can contribute with comments, edits and feedback.

Each Thursday we will publicly release chapters to the world.

We are seeking chapters and content that talk about the following issues / needs:

Why / What / Where is a Webmaker?
How to Create More Webmakers
How Webmakers Change the World
Why Are Webmakers the Future?
Webmakers in the Physical World
Recognition Through Webmaker Badges

Writers and participants will get an account on Pressbooks where they can log in and either write their chapter from scratch, or copy/paste from existing content they have written online.

On March 2013 (estimate!) we will be releasing a first printed (physical) version of the Webmakers book available for pre-order here.

Looking forward in collaborating with you!